Sonu Sood Appointed As State Icon Of Punjab By the Election Commission

Sonu Sood Appointed As State Icon Of Punjab By the Election Commission

After Sonu Sood was scheduled as the state image of Punjab by Encumbrance Certificate, the Sonu Sood expressed gratitude towards this prestige, saying he is influence to keep working hard.

Sonu Sood stolen in everyone’s heart, especially the immigrant, as he helped them when they are in need. He went outside the city during the pandemic situation & make sure that every stranded immigrant had the advantaged to go back home.

His compassionate act also got him the title, Migrant Messiah from loved ones. Seeing his selfless deeds & motivated the work in this Coronavirus pandemic, Sonu was resentful appointed as the state icon of the city Punjab by the Election Commission.

This announcement has made recently on Twitter pick up by the hands of Chief Electoral officer, the Punjab as the tweet read about the Sonu Sood, he is the real hero among the people is now he became the state icon of Punjab Sonu Sood.

Responded to this, the actor sad his gratitude towards this privilege, by saying that he is motivated to keep his working hard.

By Responding to it, Sonu Sood said to Indo-Asian News Service, I am engulf & feeling extremely grateful about this honour. It is Having to been born in Punjab, and also he said that this appointment means a lot to me, he became emotional.

And he said I am very happy to have made my state feeling proud of me & I am very much motivated to working hard. Sonu Sood even confine a book named, ‘I Am No Messiah’ it says about the history of his experience & his journey during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. He said in an interview with a channel, he feels that he is no Christ.
He said that, I don’t believe I am a Christ, I only think I am just a part of their journey, a part of every single traveller, who is living & wanted to come back to the big cities to earn some money to buy bread & butter for their family, I believe that the relationship I got from the last six months, he said that it just made me 1 of them. I don’t and I will never believe that I’m any sort of a Christ, he told on media.

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