Over 300 down with Mystery disease What’s going wrong in Andhra’s Eluru

Over 300 down with mystery disease: What's going wrong in Andhra's Eluru

Mystery disease In Andhra Pradesh Eluru town over 300 people were rushed to hospitals after they reported symptoms resembling epilepsy. Even the situation is said to be under control, authorities are mystify as to what struck the healthcare system in the state.

Doctors were in a fix as the dilemma disease continued to affect the population. The situation has left permissions perplex as the affected people were neither related nor they had attended a common event. Medical and health experts were trying to verify the cause of the sickness.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy was monitoring the circumstance personally and advised the officials to be alert.

Personal priority is on the areas which reported cases and medical camps are being set up to provide medication to the patients. Door to door poll is being supervised to monitor the health condition of the people, the state health minister said.

A total of 300 people, while around 70 were discharged after their condition was detected to be stable.Officials said the cases were reported from several regions in Eluru town of West Godavari district.

 According to Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister Alla Krishna Srinivas, the condition was under control and medical support was being provided to all the needy families.

He meant there was no danger situation to the lives of the patients. The affected patients were taken to the hospital with complaints of giddiness and epilepsy.

According to the minister, they complained of sudden collapses, frothing at mouth, and shivering.Meanwhile, water samples of Eluru region were sent for testing to the laboratory and no water llution was reported.

Blood samples were also sent to a laboratory but no viral infections were exposed. All the victims tested negative for coronavirus.

Most of the affected people were the aged and children.Health Minister said 150 beds in Eluru and 50 beds in Vijayawada were kept ready for any emergency. He ensured that there was no need for any panic.

Officials have been asked to ensure the availability of emergency medicines to deal with any situation. Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswa Bhusan Harichandan has directed officials of the local ministration and Medical and Health department to examine reasons behind such a large number of people suddenly falling sick.

He has asked the officials to take the guidance of experts on the issue and take immediate steps to resolve the issue and create awareness among people on the precautions to be obeyed.

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