Scam in petrol bunks .. 35 bunks siege in Telangana and ap…. CP Sajjanar ..

Scam in petrol bunks .. 35 bunks siege in Telangana and ap.... CP Sajjanar ..

Scams at petrol bunks with sophisticated chips. Thirteen people, including eight petrol pump owners, have been arrested in a joint operation by Telangana and Andhra Pradesh police. Sk. Subhani Bhasha, a resident of Eluru is the mastermind of the scam. These chips were established not only in the Telugu states but also in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The biggest petrol theft scam was uncovered in a joint operation by Telangana and Andhra Pradesh police and seized 22 banks in AP and 13 in Hyderabad.

The operation, which was coordinated by the Legal Metrology Controllers of the two states, led to the police raiding 22 petrol banks in AP and 11 in Telangana and cracking down on the latest scam. Cyberabad Police Commissioner Sajjanar said that 19 petrol bank owners have been arrested so far as a result of coordination between the two Telugu state police. The country has never seen such a sophisticated scam in petrol scams. Preliminary enquiries into the latest scam in Hyderabad are suspected to have originated in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Although it appears to the customer that a liter of petrol was supplied on the display board at the petrol bunk, only 970 ml of petrol was filled through the chip inside.

The country was horrified when the Hyderabad police on Saturday arrested a gang designed for this sophisticated scam that directly angered consumers. According to police, Subhani a resident of Eluru in AP, was the leader of a gang that looted petrol worth crores of rupees from customers by placing a chip behind the display. Police have arrested a gang involved in robbing people and committing scams at petrol bunks. Cyberabad CP Sajjanar held a media conference on Saturday and revealed the details.

It has been revealed that only 970 ml of 1000 ml petrol comes through integrated chips and a chip will be fitted behind the display when pouring petrol in vehicles. Legal Metrology said also made a motherboard that could not be found if checked. In this way, 13 shells were installed in 11 bunks in Hyderabad. Sajjanar said that the AP had also given this information to the police and had seized 11 bunks in Telangana and 22 in AP.

Subhani from Eluru was found with his gang in the scam. The accused confessed that the shells were made by Joseph and Thomas from Mumbai. The investigation revealed that the chips were installed in West Godavari, East Godavari, Visakhapatnam and Nellore districts of AP. Sheikh Subhani Bhasha, Baji Baba, Madasu Giri Shankar and Ippili Malleshwar Rao formed the gang.

A software designed very cleverly to design a program. Not only in the Telugu states but also in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, they may have put chips in the bunk. All this is known to the bunk owners. They are currently under siege. Oil Corporation cannot detect this fraud by making a surprise visit.

Sajjanar revealed that the Oil Corporation also needs to conduct an in-depth investigation from now on. 22 bunks in AP and 13 bunks in Hyderabad were seized. CP Sajjanar said that the investigation has revealed that the petrol bunks that were part of the scam were in Telangana and AP. So far, 22 banks in AP and 13 in Hyderabad have been seized. Chips were found in 11 bunks in Rangareddy, Medak, Vikarabad, Sangareddy, Huzurnagar, Miryalaguda and Arsipuram.

He said scams were being carried out at petrol bunks with sophisticated chips. It was revealed that the petrol came low and the chips were set up to show the meter correctly. CP Sajjanar said that bunk managers from Maharashtra were exporting special chips and cheating customers to the tune of crores of rupees.

he said who filled petrol in bottles or tins they will be sent to the correct measure pump. Sajjanar said the pediatrician had registered a case against the perpetrators. For those who run out of petrol in plastic bottles and cans the filling is done through regular pumps.

This makes the weight look right and consumers are not found. Pumps fitted with programmed chips were used when petrol went straight into the same vehicles. CP Sajjanar said that the fraud was not known to anyone. The new software will be installed in 2018 at all petrol stations across the country.

Since then, the Sheikh Subhani Gang has been operating since 2019. Not every user can personally detect such a scam. But Sajjanar said there was a need to check regularly whether inspection teams visiting petrol banks were using such chips. He said if the inspection teams manually measured the fuel when they came to inspect the bunks then the stock of these scams must be uncovered.

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